About Us

Phoenix Black is the ultimate luxury concierge service

that allows its members to focus on the end result, without having to worry about the details. In addition to providing on-demand assistance, we have built an exclusive membership service to take care of every aspect of our members’ personal and professional lives so they can focus on experiencing the best the world has to offer. When you’re an exclusive member of Phoenix Black, you will get ‘round the clock support from our team. Your concierge will be there to satisfy whatever you need, whenever you need. To make it simple; we’re the 25th hour in your day!


Phoenix Black team providing support

Travel Assistant

Luxurious travel, meticulously managed.

Personal Assistant

Personalized service that anticipates your needs.


Private Security

Executive protection to safeguard your wellbeing.

Family Security/Butler

Ensuring the safety and satisfaction of your most valuable asset.

Meal Preparation

Tailored nutrition, fully prepared, and ready to savor.